Friday, July 4, 2008

Was Once a Society Queen


Mrs. Hicks-Lord Now Lives In Quiet Retirement In New York.

A few years ago the name of Mrs. Hicks-Lord had greater potency in the fashionable life of New York than that of a Vanderbilt or an Astor. Today it is but a memory.

The erstwhile social queen lives in a big, gloomy house looking out upon Washington square from the West side, ending her days in a seclusion which is almost hermitlike.

As recently as nine years ago she gave a reception, at which 3,000 fashionables fought and scrambled for an opportunity to pay their respects to the beautiful hostess.

For years she has been an invalid and now rarely sees any of the hundreds who used to crowd her spacious home when she was in the heyday of her society success. The swarms of fashionable moths have found other lights around which to flutter.

A few years ago her house was entered by burglars. They did not get much booty, but ever since then Mrs. Hicks-Lord has lived in terror of another visit of the same kind. Most of her jewels are kept in a safe storage, but she keeps enough in her big house to tempt a score of cracksmen, though often advised to put them with the others.

Many years ago, while in Rome, she made the acquaintance of several leaders of the Catholic hierarchy. At that time Mrs. Hicks-Lord learned a great deal or the teachings of the church. Year by year her learning in that direction became more pronounced, and eventually she became a convert to the Catholic faith. Now she is a devout and regular worshiper at St. Patrick's cathedral on Fifth avenue.

Two nieces live with her part of the year. The rest of the time she is surrounded only by a force of colored servants. — New York Correspondent.

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